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Matt Sheldon and Steve Watwood in 16841

A big THANK YOU to Matt and Steve for recovering a San Antonio TX load and expediting the delivery. I really appreciate your help guys, as always, you did a great job! Dale Torsak, Fleet Manager.

Jason Meyn and Randy Mercer in 20456

Attaboy to Jason and Randy! They recovered a very high priority load in short order and drove hard in order to make on time delivery for us. Thank you gentlemen for your hard work providing excellent customer service. Tracy Strange, Fleet Manager.

Stephen Chastain and Charity Todd in 20375

We received a call from a customer who wanted to say that Stephen and Charity did an excellent job on a load for them from Waelder, Texas to Murray! Thanks for representing us well!

Kenneth Thomas – 100,000 Safe Miles

Congratulations to Kenneth on achieving 100,000 Safe Miles! We appreciate all you do out there! He is shown with Indy Fleet Manager Kevin Smith, right.

Jerry Waiters – 1,000,000 Safe Miles!

Congratulations on your achievement of 1,000,000 safe miles, job well done Jerry! We appreciate all of your hard work and safety conscious attitude! Jerry is shown with VP of Operations Dennis Burkeen, left and Fleet Manager Eric Hicks.

Darnell Green – 700,000 Safe Miles!

Congratulations to Darnell on achieving 700,000 Safe Miles! Thanks for all you do to keep the roads safe! Show with Fleet Manager Jason Compton, left, and VP of Customer Service, Tom Adams.

Howard Travis in 20355

A big Attaboy to Howard! He helped us out by picking up a trainee and bringing him to Murray to upgrade when his original trainer had an emergency at home. Thank you so much Howard, you are a great guy! PTL is lucky to have drivers like you! Donna Autry,...

Jasper Moore in 16746

Special thanks to Jasper for his patience and the great job he did of reporting details on a shifted load picked up out of Bay St Louis MS. Jasper took very detailed pictures and helped us get the correct information to the shipper so that we could get...

Don’t forget to check your gladhands!

Did you know that one of the most commonly overlooked items on a driver's daily checklist is their gladhand connections & trailer air lines? Always check those connections before you hit the road - it could make all the...

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